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OOC: One more thing.

So, um. Hello, there. You may be wondering why I’ve been absent… for a really long damn while.

Let me explain.

Well, when I first started AAtumblr… I honestly had no idea it would have gotten this large. I didn’t know there would be people like you all to take this idea seriously and nurture it into what it is today: a real, honest-to-goodness community. Good job, guys. I am proud.

…now, to me… well. I think it’s great that my silly idea has taken form. The thing is… I guess I’m kind of lost in it all. I mean… how many AAtumblrs are there now? And I hear there’s even a PLtumblr, now? I’m honestly stunned at how well this has grown. With all your interactions and plot developments… it’s like… I can’t really keep up. XP

That’s why I’ve been absent. I sort of need a break from it all. What with the VN and college coming up, I… I guess I need time to get back into the whole RPing thing, you know? 

So… don’t worry. I’ll be back eventually. This isn’t a good bye. Lord knows I’ve never been good at those.

Tonight, I’m going to have myself a real good trial,
I feel alive… and the court’s in turnabout, here
and disarray’s here, like entropy
So, don’t stop me now
Don’t stop me, ‘cause I’m having a good trial, having a good trial

It’s like a shooting star, rocking through the crowd,
like a dagger, punching Wright with a penalty
My decisive proof, pressing hard- like Henry Fonda!
He’s so guilty, oh oh oh
There’s no stopping me!

He’s burning as he sighs, here!
Guilty of second-degree,
He doesn’t even try to put up a fight-
My Logic’s at the speed of light,
Gonna make a guilty, jailed man out of you

Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good trial
Convict Terry Fawles, so don’t stop me now
Gumshoe, you never show up on time- please don’t give me a call
Don’t stop me now (I’m having a good trial)
Don’t stop me now (I’m having a good trial)
So I don’t want to stop at all!

((Don’t Stop Me Now— Queen))


((So, everyone that was on the silly conference thing regarding the VisNov project, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to finish the briefing XD

Uh. There’s, like, a DeviantArt thing I made for the project itself. Just drop Edgey a line, and I’ll send you the login details, yeah? Yeah.))


[[…okay, with school and various projects, I don’t think I’m going to be on here that much. As I previously mentioned, I’m currently working on a Visual Novel, something that I’ve been planning and working on for about a year, now XD

So I’ll try my best to be here as much as I can. And post screenshots. And whatever. If any of you wants to ask about the visual novel, feel free to drop me a line in the ask-box. I’ll reply with another “Ask” (this is why tumblr needs a PM feature) and yeah, I guess that’s it.]]

mysteryinblack-deactivated20120 asked:

But it makes sense.
A prosecutor wouldn't help someone like me.
I have a feeling I'll arrive with you along with the cops waiting at the door.

…what if I… arranged for your “transfer”, to be placed under surveillance by me? In this case… it would be technically legal.

Should you wish to leave, I could reason that you overpowered me and broke loose. (You probably could, at that.)

I’ll have the paperwork prepared… see you soon.




It is traditional clothing from Borginia, though, I could ask the same to you.

Is it really appropriate to have your chest right open like that?


I ain’t no dame, i can show my chest any time i want.

I suppose that is true, but I must inform you, if you leave your chest open like that, you are going to catch a cold.

You don’t particularly need to worry about him.

From what I can reason, his skin is about as thick as his head.

exactlythreeminutes-deactivated asked:

Edgeworth, I have followed up on your suggestion and completed a viewing of the first season of the 'Steel Samurai' series. However, there is something I must ask - why is it that through your entire introduction, you have failed to mention one of the most critical and captivating characters of the franchise?

The Evil Magistrate embodies perfection to a much further extent than the Steel Samurai, after all.

While I do agree, I believe that the Steel Samurai represents the journey towards attaining perfection, as opposed to the actual possession of it. It allows the youth to learn what ideals they must strive to achieve.

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